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wjlmarsh Before Brexit there were moans about EC regulations and how silly they were. How true I have no idea as like all these things, there is the good, the bad and the ugly. We know there were many good things like enforced environmentally friendly refuse collection and processing. Many excellent standardistions and so on.
Now there are new challenges to have standards and procedures with Brexit.
I would suggest it may be better to sit back and thank our lucky stars for all of us on the sidelines not having responsibility to encact rules and monitor procedures to make things work.

Of course agreements, laws should be respected but sometimes these are overridden in a bad or good way and sometimes there are confusions and conflict of laws. Conflict of laws seems to be something overlooked and not talked about. Like, for example, Human right to a fair trial vs get a conviction that disregards human rights. If one follows appeals and all the fancy lawyer/judge talk it is amazing how one little piece of legisation can be promoted above/over laws etc to give a predetermied outcome that disregards viewing all the rules etc that relate to the matter at hand.

Anyhow I have been trying for the life of me to make sense of what all the fuss is aboout and i can only conclude at this point in time that those responsible have one hell of a job and secondly there are plenty of nit pickers who are wasting everyone's time. But they help the media release a few added stories.

Wait and see. Give it time. And it is not our problem thank god
wyot Breathtaking isn't it...If I were in a personal position to, I would move from this country.

Breaking the law in a "very limited and specific way". Every breaking of a law is limited and specific: you can't break them all at once ffs!

The Government openly admitting to breaking the law. Why then should its citizens adhere to any of its laws themselves?
JK2006 breaching international law - and admitting it - boasting about it, even - is perhaps the most significant move by our Government. It even dwarfs Brexit for sheer madness. Seriously makes me wonder about giving up UK citizenship and taking on another, better, fairer country.