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Topic History of: My favourite moment of this hilarious over hype
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Green Man

I have never heard of this posh knob called Kit Malthouse. He seems to high on a power trip and wannabe KGB.

If Wales have another lockdown then goodbye to their pubs, restaurants, theatres and the quaint little shops.

Wales has lots of natural beauty which brings in the tourists. There shouldn't be a lockdown or even face coverings.
Green Man Keep them coming JK.

We know the elderly, poor and those in ill health suffer/die the most at Winter time. We will see the media and government ignore the common cold or poverty but blame Covid.

I can't stand any political party in the UK or Ireland. BJ must know his days are numbered. He hasn't done anything nor has the Home Secretary. The Chancellor is tossing away good money hoping Covid will vanish.

Many diseases have returned, we adapt to living with diseases, hoping our bodies can fight them off.

Lockdown should never of happened.
JK2006 was when I was walking down the street a few months ago - taking my hour of exercise, shopping - and a woman in front of me stopped to pull her face mask down, push a cigarette into her mouth, light it and walk on, puffing away.

Clearly had decided dying of cancer was preferable to dying of Covid 19.

Actually proving - media hype works. It overwhelms common sense with slogans and panic headlines.

Today a photo exhibition opens showing all the misery of remaining relatives & friends.

Nobody, we are told by media, mourns cancer deaths, road accident deaths, sepsis deaths, heart attack victims...,

No, they don't count. They are not part of our media crusade for a great story.

Coming up for 42,000 Covid linked deaths in the UK. 2017-2018 England & Wales alone 50,000 died in 3 months from flu linked causes.

Not a media story at the time.