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hedda My Dad was telling me & my brothers 60 years ago to never believe the newspapers and "read between the lines"..probably as a result of his 2 years spent in China working on their banking system.

I think the UK Tory media (90% of media) have decided that the great public have seen through Boris Johnson's "lovable buffoon" phony image and are killing of his premiership.

With a rise in the polls of the neutered "threat" Keir Starmer, they need a new Tory hero.

Step forward Rishi Sunak (not the dill of a dame they say is a new Maggie)who by sheer co-incidence is completely absent from the current controversy.

Crazy name..crazy guy but with the exact right credentials and charisma to dispel any Tory racism criticism and to lead the Tories to another victory.
JK2006 Want a bet? The only thing that will make MEDIA move on is when they get a better story.
Honey JK2006 wrote:
When Sue Gray decides - if she does - that gatherings, outside, to relax and drink and nibble on office premises were ILLEGAL, all those Chief Executives of hospitals who did similar, believing morale to be a vital ingredient in running an organisation, will be jailed. Ditto Chief Constables and other bosses of Public Services. Because they should no longer be considered exceptions to the general rules.

Let us be clear. There cannot be one rule for all (in this case, including victims of media vilification in order to inflate "a great story") with any exceptions. Unless the rule specifically mentions such exceptions. Running the country is clearly as valid an exception as driving trains, caring for the ill, collecting taxes or teaching.

End of media induced panic. On to the next. Presume Guilt for anyone named in a civil suit! Exterminate anyone who catches a cold! Leave the EU and kill millions of businesses! Wreck the employment of thousands and ruin the travel industry! Jail innocent men and women if it's a GREAT STORY!!!

Media Rools OK.

Lovely. Well as soon as they show us the bit in the rules that gave them an exception, it will all be forgotten about.
Wyot Ob dear now Starmer has been found out having a beer...!!! Shock horror.

When will this silliness end?
JK2006 And now we see photos of Our Queen on her own mourning the loss of her beloved husband at almost the same time as some politicians were having a drink. Shocking! How dare anybody relax when someone else has died. Oh gullibles, what will you allow Media to get away with?