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Topic History of: Nottingham surely the s**thole of the UK
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Author Message
Dav Dav Funnily enough I always thought Nottingham would be a peaceful picturesque place…

As a lad I lived in Medway and that’s not described an ideal place either..

Looks like there’s mad bad and dangerous types all over the place.. including in the antipodes ..
Martin K Thats an awful, story I give your friend my utmost sympathy.
Our place has been done once, by a neighbour of all people,and my car was crowbarred apart a few years back to remove a speaker cabinet and the cd player.
But the reason that this strikes a chord with me this morning, is I have just come downstairs to notice that, I didnt even lock the front or back doors last night.
mikemacca Just had a phone call from a terrified friend in nearby Nottingham. It's 2 a.m. and he's come home from work to find he's been burgled for the second time in a week. He has bugger all to nick since the last burglary, but they decided to come back for a 7 year old TV and a 6 year old laptop which they left behind last time. The Police officer who attended said it's the 76th reported break in so far this weekend and it's only saturday evening. In a recent TV countdown of the worst places to live in Britain, Nottingham came top by a mile. Amongst the numerous murders this city has endured in the last 12 months,If it isn't yardies shooting police officers (when they're not murdering each other over the drug and gun trade), 14 year old girls being shot in the street at random, shopkeepers being shot dead after handing over their takings etc etc. The petty crime, burglary and street crime is the highest on national average. What the hell is wrong with the place?
The Officer said they have no chance of finding who did it as there are hundreds of burglaries like this every day and his only advice to the poor lad on how to avoid it happening again was 'I suggest you move out of Nottingham sir"

In contrast, nearby Derby (just 11 miles away) is one of the safest places to live in the UK and not in the top 100 worst places according to crime statistics.

Why is Nottingham so bloody awful? It's certainly no poorer than Derby. It's an alien world to me this drug and gun culture. Having spent the latter part of my childhood and most of my teens in the Outer Hebrides, I live 10 miles from Sheffield in a fairly remote part of the peak District. It's a different world here. Thankfully I'm lucky enough to have a choice about where I live. It also reminds me that there is another world out there and not everyone has a choice about where they live and who lives next door.

These recent reports suggest crime is down however.,,2087-2039648,00.html

Until the next Police officer is shot or the next yardie kills another yardie over a patch of territory.

Isn't it time we were allowed to really protect ourselves against burglars ? I don't mean asking them to sit down and wait while you call the Police either. these people are scum and ruin the lives of decent citizens.