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Topic History of: jk, for a man who knows about tv, how does
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drunkenirishrambler they book the audience for one show a day. a friend of mine is on the st patricks one coming up..
filmed 2 weeks ago.
dixie They tape three shows a day. The contestants are put up in a hotel in Bristol, (which is why they start to get to know each other). The first season was made up of 66 shows. (This is according to a live web-chat with Noel himself).
JK2006 In my experience they do several shows a day.
I was auditioned for the original PRICE IS RIGHT (Leslie Crowther got it; the other possible host was singer Joe Brown).
I really wasn't interested in hosting a game show until I realised...
Taping 5 a day over a two week, six day schedule meant we did 60 in 2 weeks and I would have been paid
Robbiex "Deal or Know Deal" and shows like it work, do they really only film one show a day, or do they do several
and pretend that it is a different day to the cameras for each show!!! I'm intrigued to know, I can't beleive some of these guys can take 3 or 4 weeks of work just to have a chance on a gameshow???