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Topic History of: Quite enough on David Irving/Israel and so on now... but Ken Livingstone might be worth a new thread (nm)
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Board Regular Totally amazed me.

I vote for KEN always have and always will. He is a genuine politician and I cant believe that he has been removed by more unelected THOUGHT POLICE.

The UK is starting to resemble a BANANA REPUBLIC where self elected groups of people are taking action on an ad hoc basis against the rest of us - whether that be the Police or these unelected quangos or Tony's Cronies.

The UK is a laughing stock - and last night on QUESTION TIME EVERY polictician from every persuasion backed FREE SPEECH and the right of individuals to have their own opinion.
Martin K Actually, I have more musings on this situation.
This is a blatant case of "create a crime".
Point one. The call should not have been taped .
Point two. The caller knew exactly how to get Mr Livingstone`s gander up.
A total set up I feel.
This is akin, to leaving a car , with the keys left in a known trouble are, just to get a conviction on the first person that takes it.
What irritates me further, is that people are now finding words as strong as punches, some of us mere humans are better at talking than violence.
There is no way "Red Ken" is anti-semetic, I believe he had had a hard day as I have hinted at before.
Are people actually offended? I do not think so.
I will get very annoyed at any paper, against him tomorrow, and will write accordingly.
This ridiculous situation, will only gain more respect for an already respected individual.
JK2006 I wasn't going to until the Sun told me (and all other readers) not to that morning, so I went out specially.
He's a maverick and dares to be non PC.
I approve of him.
Martin K I like Ken Livingstone. He has created a(long) dead job for himself, by being a wonderful, real , and not afraid to upset people , human being.
I listened to the transcript of the tapes, from the radio show , of which he got in trouble for , only this morning, and I did not actually hear genuine racism, I felt he was being provoked, had had enough of the caller, and wanted to show that he was in charge.
Now, I am not going to mention the previous thread here, but anyone reading this will understand what I mean.
It`s the usual love or hate thing with Mr Livingstone, and he has the unusual position, of being half celeb, half politician.
However, had this been a member of royalty..Would they have been suspended from office for a faux pas?
JK2006 nm