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Topic History of: Get Back - the new Beatles film
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Green Man Rumble and Youtube had or have lots of clips.

It dosen't appeal to me in the slightest nor wants to make take out a subscription. I watched Let It Be back in the 80's on a CED at a mates house and found it quite dull. However that's only my opinion.

I thought Eight Days A Week doc was appaling most of the footage was taken from the Anthology tapes in which most Beatles would of seen. Whoopi and Eddie Izzard added nothing to the rockumentary.
robbiex Finally forked out the £7.99 subscription fee to watch this series. There seems to be nothing else on Disney+ to watch unless you are a child or an infantilized adult (star wars, marvel, etc.). It's an interesting insight into how the Beatles worked, but I couldn't really watch more than 1 hour at a time. The picture quality is superb, it's unbelievable that this was made over 50 years ago. Paul and George seem to do most of the talking, whilst John is much quieter and Ringo barely utters a word, from what I have seen so far.

It would be interesting to see the original "Let it Be" film again, as I haven't seen it for decades. Is it just an edited version of what we are seeing here.
Onsker Deg 'adapt' The Shirelles

Which Shirelles adaptation is that?
Green Man robbiex wrote:
I remember seeing the "Let it be" film on bbc2 on a Saturday afternoon about 25 - 30 years ago. I remember finding it a bit boring, seeing lots of clips of the Beatles doing small talk, and finding it bizarre that it was shown on a Saturday afternoon in the days before streaming services or satellite tv. I believe that the new series are outtakes and unseen footage from the "Let it be" film. However, seeing the trailer brings a different perspective on the story with the group enjoying each other's company and still having a lot of chemistry. I guess the passage of time increases the significance of this footage as a historical document. I'm just disappointed that a free-to-air channel wasn't given access to this footage as it is surely a work of historical significance.

The BBC funds are minuscule compared to Disney. Sky could of shown it but with their ad breaks it would be much longer and even worse on USA TV. Also isn't Apple Corp now part of Disney ? I know Disney bought a lot of Fox properties.

I can't mention the content of Get Back because I haven't seen it; I heard about 50 different bootlegs over the years of Let It Be; at my friends house. Many of the bootlegs have recorded conversations that aren't on the Let It Be film.

If Ken Burns did Get Back the film would be even longer, Ken Burns is a master of documentaries.
robbiex Rick wrote:
robbiex wrote:
I'm looking forward to seeing this series, however I wish that it was edited and shown as a film at the cinema, as was the original intention. Instead the series is behind a paywall, so I will have to subscribe to Disney+ for a month just to watch this.

I wouldn't dream of paying these channels for this kind of one-off attraction. It's easy enough to, er, acquire the episodes elsewhere for free.

I'd also recommend the Rick Rubin/McCartney programmes - once you get beyond Rubin's 'just slept in a hedge' look it's a fascinating set of discussions.

I'd rather just pay the small fee for a month than get a pirate copy. I'll probably watch it over xmas. I really enjoyed the Paul McCartney inside the songs podcast, which gives a great insight into what several of McCartneys songs were about and why he wrote them.