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Topic History of: How sensible ! - The World agrees with ITK (not Bush) !
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In The Know I think history has already judged (and so has the rest of the world - including the Iraqis) !

You only have to look at recent bye-election results (like the one in Scotland, which Gordon Brown campainged hard for) which Labour lost after holding the seat for 40 years - to get a strong flavour of which way the wind is blowing !
stan In The Know wrote:
The Observer front page this morning reports that Bush's standing has hit rock bottom - the lowest ever recorded for any President !

At the last election Labour's majority was slashed (from 165 down to 63) - if the election were run again today it would decline further and they would lose (they have been slaughtered in every bye-election since the election itself).

The public may take a long time to wake-up -- but they do eventually !

This is all hearsay and estimates, this is not a correct view which takes the opinion of everyone. Labour may have slashed down their majority, but many a party in the past would love to have got in with a 63 seat majorty. We wouldn't know if Blair or Bush would loose their elections today, or in 2 weeks times, because of these polls, or anything else, the only way we would know for sure is if an election was held today, which it will not be, therefore the only judge will be history.
In The Dark .
In The Know Sorry - see so many papers got them mixed up !

We'll have to disagree about the public - whilest I agree with you that the public are selfish, they have, I believe, started to wake-up.

The economy is starting to decline noticeably, and the tide has turned for B-Liar.

Shall we have this discussion again, in say 2 weeks time (after the Education Bill!!!) ?
JK2006 and second I agree with Stan... I fear that whilst the vast majority now HATE what Bush and Blair have done to Iraq, in the event of a vote they will go for the familiar and for the economy and probably allow them back in again because their prime concern (the votes) is SELFISH and the pound (or dollar) in their pocket.
The PUBLIC have no morals whatsoever. That's why they love the tabloids which give them easy slogans to salve their consciences.