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Topic History of: This narcissist needs locking up
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Green Man honey!oh sugar sugar. wrote:
Green Man wrote:

The ok sign is not okay anymore especially in America and Canada.

It is always ok if it is meant as "ok".

Not now - if I did that in a bar or at a NBA game I would be in a heap of trouble.

A certain gun club I go in Texas which is very diverse now to have now banned people doing the okay sign - we know have to nod or do a thumbs up.
Bookworm Russia and China partnership?
I'm sure there is a spanner in its way for that one Hedda.

UK are in a beautiful position.
honey!oh sugar sugar. Green Man wrote:

The ok sign is not okay anymore especially in America and Canada.

It is always ok if it is meant as "ok".
Green Man Bookworm wrote:
Tagnut Tom
Boris The Bus
Niggle Farage

And last but not least, the fart-right

Jeremy Steptoe-Corbyn
hedda Personally I think Tom Watson's political career is almost at an end.

You won't get Labour members commenting on his involvement in promoting 'Nick & 'Jane' but they sure as hell have taken notice.

Coupled with his endless undermining of Jeremy Corbyn (encouraged by Blair & Mandleson) - the elected leader I'd be very surprised in Corbyn were to become a caretaker PM if he didn't sideline Watson. I reckon his local party will soon dis-endorse him.

## I'm perpetually amazed that people and even many Labour members and voters really seem to think that if Corbyn were replaced that a new Labour leader would somehow become flavour of the month with the media.
Their attacks upon Ed Miliband were endless and disgusting and often antisemitic..completely ignored by those hyperventilating these days.

I reckon of the UK doesn't vote for a genuine Labour PM with sensible tried and true policies (massive council house building..the greatest stimulation to any economy) nationalizing the tragic and expensive railways and so on..then they just deserve heaps more pain.

### As Russia and China this week agree to build a missile defence system we see projects that have been decades in the making coming to fruition.

The brilliant (Putin) election of the nightmare called Donald Trump, the undermining of the UK with a hopeless and damaging Brexit (doesn't matter who you's all gone pie-eyed) increasingly fractured Europe with heavy pockets of fascism...and the Grand New Era of Chine & Russia is emerging as the Great Dill Trump annoys every past ally and the UK & USA Gradually decline.

My father worked on and off in China in the 60s / 70s helping set up banking system for them to negotiate trade with the West. He couldn't get over the mindset of the Chinese which he admired..not just building the country for the next 5/10/20 years but also for future generations in 100 years. This is a unique Chinese mindset that believes it owes future generations.
# He thought the current manufacturing success of China with now 200 Million Middle Class would take 100's only taken 20/30.