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Green Man md wrote:
There should have at least been a second referendum.

There will probably be empty shelves and favourite goods with exorbitant price tags in the Supermarkets soon due to trucks being held up at Calais.

Eventually all ransoms are paid off.
md There should have at least been a second referendum.

There will probably be empty shelves and favourite goods with exorbitant price tags in the Supermarkets soon due to trucks being held up at Calais.
wyot Agree with your post Hedda; we are fucked.

But when you refer to the "general polulace" of the UK you are wrong: given the age and deaths of brexiteers since the vote, the majority in the country don't even want Brexit, let alone no trade deal with the EU.
hedda I'll repeat. When fluent Mandarin speaking Kevin Rudd was elected PM in Oz he immediately embarked on a really complicated trade deal with China, one to improve the already complicated deals we have.

It has almost been concluded and in very compatible terms..13 years later and that's a lengthy time when most take 5 years.

Meanwhile everything carries on as normal.

Except it won't as the UK has cut itself adrift of it's biggest market next door and the populace bizarrely think trade will just go as usual while things are "being sorted". They won't.

Even worst is that so many seem to think the US is coming to the UK's aid when no matter who is elected president, the USA will be screwing everything their way out of the UK and taking advantage of the UK's perilous position.

And forget Australia: tied in with all of China, Japan and now the incredibly booming India.
wjlmarsh JK2006 wrote:
And democracy, as I've said many times, no longer works.

Agreed that democrary does not work as most of us who desire fairness and justice would like to see it work and know it could do so.

Just keep in mind that Hitler and his cronies were known for poking fun at demorcay as been totally ineffective noting the Weimar Republic failure and others. But a straight swap can be more dangerous.

I suggest at a point in time each democracy and even other type governments like milatry and communists for example get some things spot on or very close to it.

I see what makes for things working is a mixture of appointed positions, voted, rules, criteria with transparacy and accountabilty, who gets involved and how. A massive topic. And many aspects to making it successful. Just to note it will be a major step forward when leaders abandon ideologies and look for practical answers instead. Boris does appear (??? early days) to be doing that with his teams. They even contain extreme outlooks but Boris seems to listen to all aspects and weights up the points himself along with his cabinet ministers. That is what I am seeing. But to be honest I pay very little attention because they all annoy me....still Boris has got my attention at the moment.

But I see government, local government , agencies and so on need that right mix just as the human body needs salt not too much and not too little. Yes salt itself is a combination of two poisons Chlorine and sodium and in their pure state can be very harmful for the human body. Combined and at the right level essential and works.

Just to reiterate it will great when in a few years, hundreds of years or 1000's years belief and ideologes abandoned and real solutions for real problems found.

Example to try and make it clear. Homelessness solved - in the immediate now with daily maitenance. Difficult cases like drug addiction and all the attrached problems also included in the housing aspect. Each day the new casualties found. To solve the problem not difficult but needs practical leadership who can, with help probably identify the full scale of the problem. Includes re location and jobs. Outcome would be many fold. People happier. Towns and cities feel good about their environment. Many new jobs created. Crime decreased. So what is stopping the solving of the problem. A mixture of issues all to do with ineptitude, beliefs and ideologies. Things like "where's the money going to come from..." "They do not want to be housed" "They are all drunks"..... Yet as indicated by the Covid 19 things could be done within the week. Yes too little and lacking done as expected. But still showed what can easily be done.