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wyot Interrsting MD. What refreshing honesty for a leader to admit she was wrong and acted through fear. No idea what the press is like in Norway, but I wonder if is more sage, tolerant and balanced?
md The Norwegian Prime Minister who admitted back in May that she may have panicked and made decisions out of fear, recently said: “we have to be sure that we maintain control”. I think these are the words of a perfectionist. Perfectionism is a double-edged sword that is often driven by a fear of personal failure.
wyot Maybe I spoke too soon about the press...

Sweden "non intrusive" approach (no lockdown) means levels of the virus are now much lower than elsewhere.

Sweden also failed to protect elderly in care homes which accounts for majority of their deaths; but otherwise low death rates, no lockdown and in a much better position now than us.
Honey I shall ignore it and do what I like in a "limited and specific way"
wyot It is politics not health; otherwise pubs would be shut down again.

They put an apparatus in place to deal with infections rising above X in the Y etc. They pinned their colours and their reputations to this. This is how we will protect YOU.

They now have headlines about rapidly escalating infections. They have to act. If they don't they will have to admit that what has been going on up to now has been destructive BULLSHIT.

I was hoping we would have got to that by now with the help of the media catching on to the even better story than Covid itself: that lockdown was pointless and more harmful than the bug.

But alas this has not happened fast enough; so we are in for an Autumn and Winter of responding to the virus moronically, in order to protect the Government from fatal harm.