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Topic History of: The Yorkshire Ripper
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JK2006 The tip of an iceberg; how British Police fail when searching for a killer...
JK2006 Implied, md, in the excellent ITV shows Manhunt to be down to Surrey Police's Marjoram.
md Even Colin Sutton’s efforts in catching Levi Bellfield were hampered at one stage by press intrusion and interference.
Green Man The UK has a strange obsession with crime and murders - then again years ago I saw reissues Charles Manson LP's and CD's around the West Coast of America.

I heard the album at a friends house and listened to the whole thing with an open mind it's pure garbage. No wonder Manson was angry with the world.
JK2006 As you can read in the link above - my offer to find the real Ripper was rejected by Police - just an early example (1979) of how the force decided that one day they would "get" me. I was aware of the extraordinary incompetence of British (and, indeed, global) police 40 years ago. It has got worse.

My "blood red vinyl" would have infuriated Sutcliffe who would have made a mistake and provoked exposure. Police rejected my suggestion (as hinted at by this writer and carried by all the national papers at the time). As a result, police failed to find him for two more years, allowing him to kill again and again. An echo of the Levi Bellfield case by stupid Surrey Police when Marjoram failed to find Levi despite him having a flat 50 seconds from where Millie Dowler was last seen. DOH!

Do watch the excellent Martin Clunes MANHUNT on ITV.

I'm available for interview for any future Yorkshire Ripper movie.