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How easy it is TWITTER Maddie Ben
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TOPIC: How easy it is TWITTER Maddie Ben

How easy it is TWITTER Maddie Ben 1 Month, 1 Week ago  
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Re:How easy it is TWITTER Maddie Ben 1 Month ago  
They must see him coming.

"Very interesting chat with taxi driver into Cardiff - who was telling me about the people he takes to the crack houses to score ."

"Last week the taxi driver picked up a nurse from the hospital - took her to the bay- she scored & he took her back to the hospital"

"Yeah only in the car for 15 mins - imagine what I would have heard if I had been in longer"
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Re:How easy it is TWITTER Maddie Ben 1 Month ago  
Strange there is not a drug dealers register is it not.
The recidivism of drug dealers is around 90%.
I'm not sure what Mark is getting at surely the cab drivery is aiding and abetting so surely Mark should have reported the taxi driver.
Let's look at it another way.
A taxi driver told me het takes a guy to pick up counterfeit bank notes.
A taxi driver takes a guy to pick up firearms
A taxi driver took a gut to meet a 14 year old girl
A taxi driver took a guy to a bank, he robbed it and I took him home again
A taxi driver picked up a guy took him to the shops he went in shoplifter and he took him home again
All the above are the same where the taxi drivery mark would be happy to run him in but of course not this time. Is Mark here not 'perverting the course of justice' by not reporting it ?
Anyhow not long before we here what the new series of #thenarcissis opps I meant #theinvestigator will be.
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