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TOPIC: Assange

Assange 5 Days, 17 Hours ago  
Now free to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London - as Sweden has dropped the rape charges.

But will he dare, as the UK and the US just might just join forces - to arrest him, for extradition to the US.

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Re:Assange 5 Days, 9 Hours ago  
Confusingly, in another thread - on the same subject/same title - it is alleged that most people/media think this man is guilty!

As if that's a surprise, considering he has admitted leaking classified US secrets on many occasions.

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Re:Assange 5 Days, 8 Hours ago Karma: 48
Precisely my point Spee; all part of the simplification process. If he leaked secrets he must be guilty of rape! But it's not just the reason; it's the fact that it is so automatic to make assumptions now; anybody accused is assumed guilty. Why bother with trials and stuff? Nobody wants the truth anymore. Just a good, quick story.
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Re:Assange 4 Days, 17 Hours ago  
Well the rape allegation never sat right - just an obvious part of the US tragedy, following the leaks.

Trump's presidency is bringing out into the open some of the Agencies'(NSA, FBI, CIA etc.) modus operandi.

Highly questionable manoeuvring - ironically being dramatised on US TV. In 'Homeland' for example where the president is a right wing/scheming lady.

Designed Survivor/24 Legacy and others show how the US plays one country off the other to achieve it's aims.

Using highly sophisticated technology - satellites, drones, unmanned submarines - when required.

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Re:Assange 4 Days, 10 Hours ago  
The whole Sweden rape thing stinks of set-up. They had a free shot at making up some bollocks and the best story they came up with wouldn't even fool a child.

I predict that, however this turns out and wherever Mr Assange finds himself, he will meet with an accident before too long.
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Re:Assange 4 Days, 10 Hours ago Karma: 48
I fear you are right Randall; these days, all and every society does not like someone who challenges them.
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