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As I've said for ages, Theresa May
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TOPIC: As I've said for ages, Theresa May
As I've said for ages, Theresa May 9 Months, 1 Week ago Karma: 50
is the equivalent of a good secretary to the CEO - but in no way a CEO.
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Re:As I've said for ages, Theresa May 9 Months, 1 Week ago  
very good description.
She seems to have no real policies (supports Remain and then Brexit) but probably a good administrator.

Also unfairly attacked over that apparent lack of 'empathy'..something easily faked by politicians on the make..not mentioning names but T.Blair springs to mind.

But shows the dearth of Tory talent that they had to pick her hoping she would be a Thatcher.
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Re:As I've said for ages, Theresa May 9 Months ago  
I thought it might be interesting to compare accounts of Margaret Thatcher's initial response to the Hillsborough disaster with Theresa May's response to the Grenfell Tower fire:

The Times, 16 April 1989 re Hillsborough disaster
"A Downing Street spokesman said Margaret Thatcher was shocked at what she saw on television and shared everyone's disbelief as the mounting horror unfolded.
The prime minister is expected to visit the scene of the tragedy today. She will talk to survivors and obtain a first-hand report from the emergency services."

The Times, 16 June 2017 re Grenfell Tower disaster
"The prime minister broke down in tears on the day of the fire, The Times understands, but has been damaged by her apparent inability to show emotion in public. Yesterday she visited the burnt-out west London tower block but met emergency workers rather than residents. A short time later Jeremy Corbyn was photographed hugging a woman who was searching for a missing 12-year-old girl during his own visit to a refuge centre in the area."

While the first extract conveys a message of empathy, support and decisive action, the second one gives an impression of chaos and muddled action. I think the expectation for leaders to display emotion (hugs and tears?) in public is a recent development. There certainly was no such expectation in Margaret Thatcher's day.
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