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The Man In The Orange Shirt - Part Two
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TOPIC: The Man In The Orange Shirt - Part Two
The Man In The Orange Shirt - Part Two 11 Months, 1 Week ago  
The second part of this two parter The Man In The Orange Shirt was even more interesting with a standout performance by Vanessa Redgrave, who I once met getting onto a plane. We chatted happily in the departure lounge until I mentioned that my Mother had acted with her father Michael and they had been close friends. At that Vanessa got very cold and drifted away. On the plane she was in economy, I was in First - but on seeing her as we left after the flight I smiled and nodded; she averted her eyes (this was many years ago, before I became a Vile Pervert). I think her part in this film may have reflected her life, and her love for her very complex father. Both parts of this excellent TV film were also complex, original, different and deep. None of that “happy to be gay” or “aren’t we screwed up” obvious stuff. Both were subtle and clever; well written, well acted; the BBC celebration has been first class because it has been intelligent.
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