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TOPIC: False Accusers update
False Accusers update 11 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
I gather that decent and honest police are now on top of the false accusers - since "Nick" got details regarding Sir Edward Heath from the Internet (and got them wrong; not double checking dates) police are aware of this scam; as usual the Justice System is behind the scammers and only just becoming aware. Make sure - if or when you are ever falsely accused - that police (as advised by Sir Richard Henriques) seize false accusers' phones, laptops, tablets and so on and examine them for research and other things. Equality of Arms is a Human Right. Mind you - it doesn't seem to do much good - when Rolf Harris proved to jurors he had never been to a certain venue on a certain date - they found him guilty anyway. Too concerned to get home for dinner, perhaps? Broken.
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Re:False Accusers update 11 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
If I'm not mistaken, the accuser in question said that she had been abused around the time of the 1969 moon landing, but he proved that he was in Australia at that time, or around the time of her birthday, when his defence apparently could not prove where he was. The moon landing seems to be something anyone could "remember" from 1969, or indeed a birthday from any year. A mother and daughter from Australia, who were among the extra bad character witnesses during the first trial with claims of assaults outside the UK, claimed that he had assaulted the daughter in an Australian hardware store around the time of her birthday. I wonder how both they and the moon landing accuser came up with the "around the time of my birthday" idea.
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