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TOPIC: Flynn, Russia, Trump
Flynn, Russia, Trump 11 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
This illustrates exactly the same as Savile, Weinstein, Spacey... the media love a good story and don't care about the truth. Flynn contacted the Russians AFTER Trump was elected (why not?). He understandably told everyone he hadn't (diplomacy is secret). Now he's been sacked and has pleaded guilty to lying to everyone. Fair enough. But it means nothing... except - it's a good story. Media again; whether you like or loathe Trump, this is a non story.
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In The Know

Re:Flynn, Russia, Trump 11 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Not so.

This is what has come out SO FAR.

The rumours of Russian involvement came out long before the election - and Trumps son was liasing with the Russians !

If he was doing nothing wrong, why lie anyway?

This will run ....
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Re:Flynn, Russia, Trump 11 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
you haven't been paying attention and have ignored that every US security agency has said that Russia conspired to affect the US election and this is now being shown with actual evidence ( Facebook ads..1 million fake Twitter profiles)

What can't really be proved is whether they actually had an effect except : the US election came down to around 30,000 votes in key seats that gave Trump the Electoral College win.

Combine that with the fact the same company- as revealed by hedda on this very forum..was involved in running the Brexit campaign and Trump's election campaign and is funded by the Russians.
This is currently under investigation.

It stands to reason that Putin wants the break-up of the EU (Brexit), the break-up of NATO & the weakening of the USA and their ability to control world events and that is happening before our very eyes.

It's what Dictators do and no matter what people say, Vladimir Putin is a dangerous Dictator.

Of course the USA has been doing the same for decades.

You are wrong though about how the Flynn prosecution will play out. It's bound to ensnare Trumps' son and son-in-law. It can't do anything to Trump as he can't be prosecuted but I think the new theory of what will result from the current calamity holds a lot of weight...that the Republicans will split and form 2 parties..the Moderates and the Trump Right Wingers.
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Re:Flynn, Russia, Trump 11 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
My worry is - getting Trump out is derailed by attacking him for the wrong reasons. As I get older I find this tactic of war is increasingly used by intelligent opposition - get the eye off the ball by providing the enemy with alternative outrage.
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