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TOPIC: Ken Dodd
In The Know

Ken Dodd 5 Days, 21 Hours ago  
Sadly passed away, aged 90. He's one of the few that could be called a true legend.

He died in the same house that he was born in ... and only married his partner of 40 years, last Friday.

There will be a lot more jollity in Heaven from now on .....
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Re:Ken Dodd 5 Days, 21 Hours ago Karma: 50
Sad news. Went on performing until quite recently.
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Re:Ken Dodd 5 Days, 19 Hours ago  
90 but never totally out.

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Re:Ken Dodd 5 Days, 18 Hours ago  
Glad I did see him live when I did.
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Re:Ken Dodd 5 Days, 18 Hours ago  
sad news
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Re:Ken Dodd 5 Days, 11 Hours ago  
What a comic he was. I think only George Harrison got the better of him:

Ken: I think I need a more earthy-sounding name.
George: Sod Dodd!

A nice tribute here:
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In The Know

Re:Ken Dodd 4 Days, 13 Hours ago  
Reading another message board earlier - yes, there is another !!! - and what struck me was that there was total agreement about what a nice man Dodd was.

Usually - even after death ! - there will be some distracotrs but not in this case.

I wonder when the funeral is? - I bet the city will come to a standstill.

We are due another visit to Liverpool (planning to be there for the tall ships in May)
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Re:Ken Dodd 3 Days, 11 Hours ago  
catching up on a few old Youtube videos of him..wonderful performer and just realised he was like Frankie Howerd in many ways..less camp and far more cheerful but similar humour.
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