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TOPIC: This is so upsetting
This is so upsetting 6 Months, 1 Week ago  
and reflects the underlying problem in society today - the total removal of common sense. It also illustrates another problem (like trolling) - the anonymous phone caller. These are the truly evil people; like Trolls, often misguided; sometimes even convinced that they are doing the moral thing. "This woman is killing her husband; she must be stopped". But I suspect the truth is different; they simply cannot stop themselves spreading bile. Like gossiping housewives over the old garden fence, these people have always been around and there are a lot of them. "We can spread misery; such fun".
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Re:This is so upsetting 6 Months, 1 Week ago  
Wonder who that anonymous caller was. Just as well most of the UK was never invaded by the Nazis. Who knows how many would have been willing to point the finger.

On the subject of assisted dying, it's easy to see why people in such a predicament would want it but I always wonder whether, if such a law were introduced, some people might feel under pressure to take that route if they felt they were a burden on their family or a even just burden on the NHS.

The shabby little room in the photo doesn't look too dignified to me, also knowing that a lot of money must have changed hands.
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