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Michael Jackson : "Oh, what a tangled web"
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TOPIC: Michael Jackson : "Oh, what a tangled web"

Michael Jackson : "Oh, what a tangled web" 2 Months, 1 Week ago  
I would think that a 32 year old man named Gavin Arvizo and his family are lawyering up right now.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck were absolutely crucial in their testimony to police and Robson's testimony in court that Michael Jackson never abused them.
It helped the jury decide he was not guilty.

But both are wretched liars..or Robson is a serious Perjurer. They are either lying now or were lying then..can't have it both ways- liars.

One aspect totally & completely ignored by the Parroting Media..and this goes for the ghastly Oprah Winfrey who never saw a Bandwagon she couldn't jump on and in the process has launched numerous frauds and con-artists ( John Of God currently on numerous rape charges..could be innocent) along with ludicrous VIP Satanic Rape Cults (never any proof..just any nutter prepared to say it 's true) person the entire lot have never mentioned is:

13 year old cancer victim Gavin Arvizo who claimed he was assaulted by Michael Jackson.

Never a word from the moralisers..he's name never mentioned.

The Statue of Limitations
on anything Robson or Safechuck could be charged with..false testimony, perjury, enabling child abuse with false statements..has just, purely by con-incidence ran out 12 months ago.

But a civil claim can easily be pursued by Arvizo and indeed by his entire family who were painted as villains.

And anyone who aided these two are in the frame as well.

Just a matter of time before a smart journalist decides to track down Gavin Arvizo and his family and writes the tale of how Robson & Safechuck ruined their lives with their lies and enabled Gavin's child abuser to go free.

Indeed poor Gavin is probably suffering shockingly now as the Forgotten Man as he watches these two proven liars and the director of Leaving Neverland lauded in the media.

I can almost see the Law Suits being written as we speak.
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