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TOPIC: Re:Mark Williams Thomas

Re:Mark Williams Thomas 1 Year ago  
While looking for that article, I came across this and wonder if it gives some insight into MWT's working methods:

Who killed Jill Dando? Hitman claims he knows who murdered her

The question of who killed Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando has remained unanswered for years, but a new investigation has opened up fresh leads. Investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomas has taken a closer look at the case and was given access to the police investigation files. He saw a list of over 100 potential suspects that were never followed up, and managed to speak to one of the men anonymously. This man claims he knows who shot Jill back in 1999.

When Mark asked who he thought killed Jill, the man, whose voice was disguised, said: "Certainly someone professional." He then added that he believes he knows who was behind organising Jill's murder. "I want you to have a look at this list of potential suspects, have a flick through to see if there's any on there that you know or would have a particular concern that they are out thereā€¦" said Mark. The anonymous man replied: "There are names here that I recognise. And there's one in particular that stands out to me. But I wouldn't identify that person because it's very dangerous."

That doesn't strike me as a reliable way to obtain information. Seems rather leading. I wonder if he used similar methods in his dealings with purported victims of alleged celebrity abusers (apart from, IMO, dropping hints in his "breaking Rolf" tweet).
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Re:Mark Williams Thomas 1 Year ago  
an anonymous source and 100 suspects?

no wonder he can't solve anything.

still, Oscar Pitorious was innocent.
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Re:Mark Williams Thomas 1 Year ago  
Can anyone find social media quotes from MWT regarding Carl 'Nick' Beech from the past it would be interesting to see if he believed.
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