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TOPIC: Leaks and ABC Australia

Leaks and ABC Australia 3 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
ABC's Sydney offices have been raided, as well as a reporter's Canberra home - in a most unusual police move.

It seems that, a couple of years ago, official documents were leaked concerning the activities of Australian special forces - in Afghanistan.

The special forces are said to have been responsible for the killing of civilians, including women and children.

During the two years since the alleged leak(s), an ABC investigative team - of three reporters - was making a program about what happened in Afghanistan.

Notebooks and computer records have been seized from the three - and some feel that the freedom of the press is being called into question.

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Re:Leaks and ABC Australia 3 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Gawd you're on the ball Barney.

I've often talked to people about Australia's many police forces whereby some..and it was common gossip..made the corruption of Chicago in the 1930s look like Kindergarten.

NSW actually now has a wonderful corrupt free police force. Dealing with young coppers is almost a joy, professional, friendly..possibly something to do with the very laid back lifestyle..

But from what I hear..all the various State police forces really don't like the Australian Federal Police

who are the local FBI (although the FBI have a very good image)

This comes on the heel of the AFP raiding a News Corp journalist.

I wonder what Rupert thinks? Or more importantly..Lachlan his son & heir?
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