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TOPIC: street name abuse

street name abuse 3 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Surprised there haven't been demands Savile Row be re-named in case it "triggers" people

William Slim Drive to be renamed over sexual abuse allegations against former governor-general

A man who alleges he was sexually abused by Australia's 13th governor-general says he is "overwhelmed" that a major road in Canberra's north will be stripped of a name he associates with abuse he suffered as a child.
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Re:street name abuse 3 Months ago  
The politician at the centre of this dispute uses the same "gives a non-specific response to a specific question” evasive technique popular with Theresa May.

Removing "hurtful" signs will not help people heal their wounds. This is because the direct source of the pain lies within the workings of the mind, not in signs or past happenings (irrespective of whether they are proven or not).

There is something anti-Establishment about the whole affair:

"Having spent more than a decade calling for the William Slim Drive renaming, Mr Stephens said he had weathered plenty of abuse from those eager to defend Slim's legacy, particularly his celebrated military career.

"We always knew we'd be taking on the establishment,", he said.

"When you're a defenceless kid, these powerful men seem untouchable."
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Re:street name abuse 3 Months ago  
very odd that 3 people from one school only make allegations.

the fact they pursued compo is entirely co-incidental.

now a precedent has been made this will become common.
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