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TOPIC: Moor Larkin on Peter Saunders

Moor Larkin on Peter Saunders 6 Months ago  
Moor Larkin has just written a new blogpost on Peter Saunders, drawing parallels with Jimmy Savile's police investigation in 2008 and highlighting the hypocrisy and double standards.

For Pete's Sake
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Re:Moor Larkin on Peter Saunders 6 Months ago  
Is it not funny that it takes our glorious members of the great British public to see through the Williams-Thomas Saunders of the world ? The hidden in plain sight, the noisy ones, the look at me how great and caring I am. Look no further that their bank accounts Saunders and Williams-Thomas doing it for the greater good? I fear not with the bragging about which car is in for a service.

The bank balance is mightier that the truth ! Go fourth and Multi-Lie
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Re:Moor Larkin on Peter Saunders 6 Months ago  
It does seem common sense to be suspicious of people who go out of their way to point up how "good" they are. A financial conman I once had a run-in with now runs his own "financial consultancy" whose website shows supposed testimonials from clients trumpeting his "high integrity". In my experience, he was a consummate liar and was described to me by someone as a "professional crook". He was low-key in his manner, more tweed jacket than shiny suit, but ended up living in a large Grade II listed country house with extensive gardens, paddock and tennis court that was put up for sale not too long ago for over 1 million pounds. Very nice too, inside and out, judging from the photos on the estate agent's website.

I suspect that the financial conman and the historic abuse conman probably share similar characteristics.
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