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Extrardinary Pell timeline must mean innocence
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TOPIC: Extrardinary Pell timeline must mean innocence

Extrardinary Pell timeline must mean innocence 8 Months, 1 Week ago  
The conviction of George Pell I believe is one of the most frightening events I've witnessed.

from the very beginning when so many so-called "left" journalists were determined that Pell was Guilty As Hell of something (mainly conservatism) to the Victorian Police corruptly leaking to preferred media they were investigating Pell even though no-one had complained (and it took 18 months before someone did) to the original Magistrate's decision to turf out the most serious charges as "ridiculous, impossible and outrageous" the ghastly ABC hack who penned a book full of Pell accusations (including the accusations tossed out in the Magistrate's court) the piling on of her ABC colleagues who proclaimed the book a masterpiece when they couldn't have a fucking clue if the claims were true or the first trial where the jury were 10-2 for Innocent (some of those jurors turned up at the second trial and were in tears at his conviction)...the the vile "comedian" Tim Minchin (so pleased he was booted by from Rome and again the media piling in promoting Minchin's disgusting song and how they collectively ignored how Pell when told by Victorian police he was to be arrested and prosecuted and he immediately returned to his fate AND MUCH MUCH MORE.

Historian Keith Windshuttle's TIMELINE is revealing (he could be wrong of course)..but the fact George Pell was convicted on the word of one person is frigging well ignored by so many who seem oblivious to the fact this could happen to them any day now.

This comment basically sums it all up:

pgang – 26th September 2019

Peter they probably did. I think you’re still missing the point of this fiasco: it was a pre-determined outcome. Evidence is not relevant – the appeal judges more or less admitted to that.

Pell’s New Appeal and ‘This Hiatus, This Gap’
25th September 2019

"Following the rejection in August by the Victorian Appeal Court of Cardinal George Pell’s appeal against his conviction for historic sex abuse of two underage choirboys after a Sunday Solemn Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne, in December 1996, his legal advisors have now sought leave to appeal to the High Court. There are two proposed grounds for that appeal."
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