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TOPIC: Tom Watson shitting himself
Tom Watson shitting himself 8 Months ago  
Whilst he busily claims he behaved responsibly ("I told Nick to go to the police" - bollocks; yes, that has been the holier-than-thou defence by enablers but times have changed; common sense is making a comeback) we all know he's a bandwagon jumper after votes and popularity. But it's not that Tom must be fearing. He knows that there will be loonies watching who knew him years ago, like Boris Johnson's old contacts, who are aware that fiction doesn't need to be totally invented; a tiny exaggeration can earn thousands. Don't look back in anger, Sally.
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Re:Tom Watson shitting himself 8 Months ago  
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Re:Tom Watson shitting himself 8 Months ago  
I doubt that he'll resign unless the Labour leadership puts pressure on him to do so and there doesn't seem much sign of that. Have Labour done anything to address the issue of false allegations? I'm not aware that they have, or indeed any of the other parties.
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Re:Tom Watson shitting himself 8 Months ago  
As far as Labour are concerned everyone is
Guilty of any accusations apart from them.
Everyone has to much money if they work hard for it and should give it to the lazy feckers who do feck all and want more for less.
The lost when Chuka departed.
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