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TOPIC: The Capture - finale
The Capture - finale 8 Months ago  
Superb series - congratulations to all involved. But this intelligent drama asked questions which intelligent viewers must consider about life and society in general.

Specifically those of us fighting the False Allegations Industry. As I watched the clever drama of "correction" I could not help but be struck by the connection to modern life - if a Prime Minister or President is harming the country with their policies, is it valid to bring them down by devious - possibly illegal - means?

And if a senior cop genuinely feels there is, for example, an army of paedophiles using power in Westminster to abuse children, should he or she be entitled to bend the rules or even break them in bringing down that vile organisation?

Was believing, or pretending to believe, that Carl Beech was "credible and true" in reality a strategy?

Should I, for example, forgive Surrey Police for bending or breaking rules if they really thought I was a Vile Pervert?

Probably, as The Capture illustrated, yes - though that was anti terrorism which caused them to convict an innocent man.

In my case, however, Surrey Police DID use Anti Terrorism legislation to get surveillance, wire tapping etc for six months and, when that proved I was NOT a Vile Pervert, tried to get the evidence concealed from the defence and the Court using National Privilege laws.

That was when they stepped over the line. That was when they should have dropped the investigation. And, earlier, when they manufactured (I suspect) a fake "anonymous tip off" to arrest and question an 86 year old man, they had crossed the line. They knew he was innocent, knew that they only needed to arrest him to justify arresting me, knew the stress might kill him (as it did).

There is a line and I believe Surrey Police crossed it - over and over again.

But The Capture at least made me think about such situations.
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