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BDTs 7 Months ago  
Brain Dead Trolls; you can always tell them; just as in the old days they wrote in green ink, these days their insults are transparent and gormless. It's always puzzled me why people care. It's like Tourettes. But are there more of them these days? No I think not. Here over in Social Media (remember, The Tip Sheet and King Of Hits have existed since the mid 90s) we've watched everything develop. I think the percentage of trolls remains tiny. But part of being a BDT is attacking. Often concealing insecurity or worse, they do the equivalent of shouting and screaming. Like school bullies (and remember, these days those are less physical and more online) they are simply born this way. They cannot help themselves. No point in remonstrating (and never connect with them). But just as MPs in days gone by ignored the "over the fence" nasty gossips, so MPs today should shrug their shoulders and ignore Social Media trolls. Here we filter them out without even seeing or reading them; like Spam, they disappear moments after they have found new ways to be anonymous. MPs should do the same and ignore the BDTs; get on with more important things.

Are there more of them? No. Are they a bigger percentage? No; it's just that they have been given a voice. They think. Not if ignored.
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Re:BDTs 7 Months ago  
It never ceases to amaze me how many visitors come to this site and have done since the mid 90s; around 10,000 views a day for most threads. This one is now over 800 in 30 minutes.
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Re:BDTs 7 Months ago  
I dont mind a bit of banter. I am more than happy to engage, but spitefulness has no place.

They can mouth off, intimidate and say what they want to me.

I'll get them in tbe real world!

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