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How to use the Internet to protect yourself
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TOPIC: How to use the Internet to protect yourself
How to use the Internet to protect yourself 7 Months ago  
If you become a victim of False Allegations, as I did in 2000 and again in 2015, a tip. Check out social media. But not just the False Accuser - his or her wife or husband; brother or sister; parents; close friends. You may well discover, hidden away on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or wherever else they lurk, thinking they are safe and anonymous, serious evidence of collusion and corruption. Remember how the much missed Anna Raccoon did it with the original Savile stories, plotted and planned on Friends Reunited (does that still exist?).

I found incredible plotting and planning as evidence against the liars in my 2018 trial. Relatives and friends think they are free to communicate with and groom potential "witnesses". "Say it was this year"... "say you were there and saw this or that"... "just make sure my husband/wife/son/daughter/brother/sister has not recently been in touch with you".

There are often lethal trails of messages, comments, E-Mails. One of my False Accusers had left messages on this board (never put up; sometimes I was alerted by another suspicious board keeper - copy and keep; check URL's). Another insisted that the mother was not questioned ("too frail"). And often certain messages get erased (hopefully after you've found, copied and pasted them) thinking if they are not on your Smart Phone screen they no longer exist. Wrong.

Learn your online etiquette. It can be very useful.
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