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John Hemmings- another travesty
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TOPIC: John Hemmings- another travesty

John Hemmings- another travesty 7 Months ago

Former MP John Hemming wins libel damages from woman branded a fantasist who made unproven allegations of rape and child sex abuse against him

it really is amazing..that one person aided by an MP can cause such immense havoc in someone's life. What has this cost in legal fees (which the loser will of course never ever pay nor will they pay damages if awarded)

# I so recommend The Secret Barrister which explains Britain's failing justice system.

Aided of course by The Media who see a bloody Good Story when they know one

...(reference" see GUILTY..the new Hollywood extravaganza that blows apart the False Allegations Industry and is also a bloody good travelogue..starring JK, Leo Di Caprio, Robert Di Nero and Dame Edna Everage in guest have to look closely to spot them BUT DO NOT LOOK AT THE GRATUITOUS NUDE SCENES !! so unnecessary )

# My spies tell me the Nude Model in GUILTY was sexually harassed by Sussex Police.
## Dame Edna in the bath NUDE SCENE (surrounded by stolen Shampoo bottles) may turn you on. Resist !

I wonder what will Tom Watson's career be after the matter who wins?
Answers on a postcard..winner will be eligible to take me to a Lovely Champagne Dinner at my restaurant of choice ( at least 3 Michelin stars )
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Re:John Hemmings- another travesty 7 Months ago  
That's very good news.

The article says that Esther Baker was recently made bankrupt. As the sole person to post a comment so far asks, how will she pay John Hemming damages if she's bankrupt?
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