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TOPIC: Soleimani...

Soleimani... 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Killed by a US drone - head of the Iranian Quds force.

Which has similar operations and activities to the CIA.

Extreme retaliation is promised - a very worrying time.

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Re:Soleimani... 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
depressing watching so many American utter fuckwits chortling away at this news and treating Trump's foolishness as some sort of victory.

Iran is not Iraq..not a desert country with a divided people that were held together by a hated leader.

Iran is powerful and it's 90 million citizens are very loyal.

Of course Iran cannot win a war against the US but at the same time..the US probably cannot win a war against Iran (unless they go nuclear)just as they (and the British & Russians) couldn't win in Afghanistan with it's mountainous terrain. Tanks- which won Iraq for the US would be useless in Iran.

## It's fascinating that Soleomani was killed by a drone attack. The first country to arm itself with sophisticated drones (invented by Israelis) was..Iran.

And then there is the oil supply if the Gulf goes up in flames which it surely would if the US really attacks's Gulf bases will be bombed into oblivion.

The oil crisis will make the 1970's oil crisis look like a picnic (not for the US..has it's own supply..but for the rest of the world.

Now we see the folly of a goat like Johnson slavishly crawling & hitching his wagon to a frigging ignorant reality TV star who has no idea of world at large and who seems determined to be Mr Tough Guy just to win an election no matter how many die.

### The Cult Like MAGA fans (who would never join up to fight) are so thick they are calling Iranians "towel heads" and think they are Arabs.
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Re:Soleimani... 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Ironic and significant, perhaps - that much of the Iranian planes and weapons are of US origin.

Not nearly as many though - as a US friend and recipient of virtually free armaments, for years.

That's Israel - a country smaller than Wales. Will more F35s be arriving there soon, with ancillary hardware?

Certainly a more convenient place to gather the troops - and one which was earmarked, for just this scenario, quite some time ago.

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Re:Soleimani... 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
You are both anchored and uplifted by detail; human ego will see us fucked.

Happy NYx
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Re:Soleimani... 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Trump is also busy with North Korea ending their nuclear testing ban - and with the ongoing tensions with China.

A very uneasy start to 2020 - with firm action, in Baghdad, by a recently impeached president.

With around 200 member states, the real impotence of the United Nations is underscored.

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Re:Soleimani... 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Although - 13 years ago - Soleimani was, along with other Iranians, sanctioned by the UN.

Under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1747....

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Re:Soleimani... 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
It's about unfinished business or possibly USA burying/ eradicating its own stupidity in the past.

Iran- contra. Remember?

Saddam - Accused of having (45 minute.) WMD - hyped by The Sun newspaper ( who had a hand in pushing the war) he didnt have any. Later killed by US

Bin Laden accused of 9/11 ( no evidence produced to date) and the 9/11 resistance is gaining momentum.

Gaddaffi - Accused of Lockerbie ( still no evidence) Later killed by proxy.

The USA elites are never about the truth. They could easily be found out, but as it's the USA their attitude is to know they will never hold themselves to account, so...the rest of the world will have to.
They will achieve that via trade wars!

Muppet Trump is finishing Muppet Reagan and Bush's agenda.
See it for what it is. The loose cannon types are warmongering thickos.

For more info, you might want to read a summary of October Surprise by ex-Reagan staffer Barbara Honneger.

Talking of Trade Wars, people are worried about Tarrifs after Brexit. I wanted a 7 inch record on eBay. It cost £2.99 but the shipping from USA was £10.41.
Why does it cost that much?
I have bought stuff from China and Hong Kong with free postage/shipping.

The world really is an unbalanced place.

Still it's 2020 now which ( if symbology matters) should represent balance.
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Re:Soleimani... 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
50 reported dead.

At Soleimani's funeral in Kerman today.

In a stampede - not good news for anyone.

Certainly not for descalation hopes.

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