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TOPIC: Sabre rattling...

Sabre rattling... 8 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Very high on the Richter Scale from the Middle East and United States - with threats of military action, without any indication as to whether they'll be carried out.

Deafening silences though from most European countries and from Mustique - together with US disappointment that their firm action hasn't been applauded.

Battleships scurrying all over the place - with the absent Boris slowly trying to figure out his official response to the assassination and its consequences.

And perhaps, to an imminent request from the Donald - for not only verbal support...

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Re:Sabre rattling... 8 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Battleships ??

Scurrying ??

Was your New Year's Resolution a decision to stop taking the tablets? If so, I think you've proved you can do it. Now's the time to accept it was a misguided idea, and break them out again :=)
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Re:Sabre rattling... 8 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
people will die because of this. Innocent people.

How did we get to this position in the world ?..a reality TV front man and property developer is the "leader" of the free world and hasn't a frigging clue about it just as long as he can, bizarrely, decimate Barack Obama's legacy.

He attacks a foreign general on Iraqi soils..the country the US destroyed and where 100,000s of people died, on the falsehood they were "bringing democracy" to them and when they say "OK piss off" he demands they pay for some airport the US built (they should say "we don't want it..pack up your airport and take it with you")

Another 4 years? Will we survive?

And the UK will be under the thumb of the US once Brexit happens.
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