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TOPIC: Sinaga
Sinaga 8 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Appalling story but co-incidentally got found out when he went to police to allege he'd been raped. Whilst he knew there was video evidence at his flat that he was a rapist himself. Remind you of anyone? Ayia Napa?
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Re:Sinaga 8 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
You've missed so many salient points, for example:-

1. For a decade, the police knew nothing about him - although he was raping dozens of people regularly, in central Manchester

2. University contacts/neighours said nothing, or noticed, anything. A guy living in a small apartment block, with numerous academic associates

3. Even his generous funder - UK academia - continued to finance him, because of his ability pass exans; a permanent student

Not a good police performance - but, most significantly, an insight into the ability of cheap drugs to take over your mind, and body.

This foreign chap, who we eagerly funded to live in the middle of one of our largest cities, simply got hold of a drug - which allowed him to rape, and make his victims forget.

And was discovered through happenstance....

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Re:Sinaga 8 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Sinaga - why? No excuse but explanation? I suspect he was a pretty child (he's still a good looking, feminine man). I bet he was raped multiple times in Indonesia and would not be surprised if that was by Northern British men, going to Indonesia as sex tourists. It appears Sinaga is not even gay. We all know that often rape is not about sex; it is about violence and frequently revenge. Sinaga's behaviour strikes me (I am NOT a psychiatrist) as psychotic; not sexual. As I say; no excuse but worth examining. And my demand that we return to well run, secure Lunatic Asylums; caring for those with mental problems; keeping them away from society but looking after them, trying to cure them, instead of always punishing and destroying.
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