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TOPIC: More dangerous vacuousness

More dangerous vacuousness 7 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Stephen Fry should tell his pal Rachel Riley to cool it after encouraging her in her bizarre twitter bullying campaign where each times someone disagrees with her she cries victim hood.

Now she has accused the respected children's writer and much loved, gentle personality Michael Rosen of being a Holocaust denier.

That's the same Rosen who just published a book on the Holocaust about his search for disappeared family members lost in the Holocaust

Rosen also teaches about the Holocaust to school children.

She also accuses respected film-maker Ken Loach.
## Tracey Ann Olberman joined in but her tweets are almost incomprehensible .

This is the fault of the Jewish Board of Deputies, media and the Chief Rabbi who have unleashed false accusations for political gain.

## neither have ever ever attacked racism in the UK aimed at other minority groups.
It will not end well.
Over the coming years their unconscious collusion with the far right who currently pretend Muslims are the problem, will backfire.

Jewish leaders in pre-WW2 Germany heaved a sigh of relief when the Nazis turned their attentions to what they called a pressing "problem"- Gypsies.

After they decimated the Romani they came for the Jews, and on and on.

Britain is tippy toeing to the right little by little led by a faux-Conservative but radical reactionary PM.

Riley attacks Jewish poet Rosen as anti-Semite Holocaust denier – weeks after he published book on the Holocaust
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Re:More dangerous vacuousness 7 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
sensibly she's deleted her tweet as a tweet too far.

I hear she's incredibly clever with numbers- good for her if she can make a living out of that- and her show pops up on Oz TV all the time but I turn it off as I simply cannot stand Jimmy Carr.

That's personal of course and I doubt he gives a stuff about my thoughts..but Rachel Riley is an odd bird.

She claims she "doesn't look Jewish" whatever that means. Many took umbrage at that claim as an antisemitic claim in itself ..mind you when I was in my 20s with blonde hair & blue eyes with an Irish wife with green eyes and blonde hair we were once abused on the beach in Ibiza by a group of Brits as " bloody Germans and the type Hitler would have loved being perfect looking Aryans " which was ironic seeing I was in the midst of trying to obtain permission to visit Lithuania to visit some never met cousins and research the history of my mother's beloved Jewish parents who fled in the 30s after Grandad was informed he was on a "hit list" as a troublesome Socialist organizer.

But why does Riley engage in an endless Twitter storm seeking out who she believes are antisemitic (and often getting it so wrong) and quite aggressively to the point when criticized she immediately blocks people and accuses them of harassing and bullying her?.

And always followed by fellow Tweeter Tracey Ann Obelman (who has the most beautiful voice ) although she rarely makes sense and inevitably chiming in late at night- maybe after a few bevvies (nothing wrong with that) actress Frances Barber who sadly just gets laughed at.

Is it a case of "more holier than thous" as in "more Jewish than thou"?

I reckon it reinforces my (vile and bitchy ) claim that often clueless TV presenters..and I won't mention names although the words 'Phillip' and 'Schofield' come to mind begin to believe that appearing on the Teve somehow infuses them with a greater understanding or intelligence when in fact, they are just as stupid as they were 20 years ago no matter how pretty they look.

## Hope that bloke Philip Schofield gets a nice boyfriend and marries him and then perhaps a divorce..this could run and run for years.
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