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the End of Civilisation as We Know It.
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TOPIC: the End of Civilisation as We Know It.

the End of Civilisation as We Know It. 1 Week, 6 Days ago  
I've been predicting it for decades but I never really thought it would happen in my lifetime.

I know JK is writing off the drama as a media sensation..partly true and what that media doesn't seem to realise it's hastening it's own demise. Hello Advertisers ! Where are you???

This is a major turning point in the world economy. The blinkers have been taken off. Tens of millions around the world see how fragile this thing called Capital;ism is. Well it's not capitalism's neoliberalism "free market" lunacy preached by the very fools who now run the joints.

This is the moment: How Are You Going to Keep Them on The Farm After They've Seen Paree !!

And rather than let (their version of) capitalism takes it pubs , restaurants, nightclubs, sporting clubs, tennis clubs, swimming pools, supermarket chains. airlines...go bust because something serious has happened..they are actually talking about REAL SOCIALISM !!!! OK a lot of Corporate welfare but also we have the Man Child Trump mooting giving every yank $2000 each (and maybe each month)

Of course it wouldn't be trump's idea because he's a n economic illiterate but someone has gotten into his ear..I'd say his handful of Billionaire Backers are now seeing doom and gloom and destruction as the entire American economy could go into meltdown.

As for Boris- like a deer in the headlights , hasn't got a mortgage relief without a freeze on rents will most likely collapse the ludicrously inflated British property market..then the fun really begins. A million "Ma & Pa " property investors heading for bankruptcy.

It should of should be let collapse and let something else rise in it's place. Happened plenty of times in history especially after WW2.

Trump hastened this by giving the top 1% huge tax breaks on the false claim they would hire more people but no..all they did was buy more shares in their own companies..Boeing & Virgin included who now screech like hell but they are bringing about their own demise.

## Also: Welcome to The beginning of the new Sino -Russian Century as China, completely inadvertently of course allowed a virus to flourish enough to kill off a 500,000 useless eaters (not reported), whipped the country back into shape and by a miraculous co-incidence, Russia is basically free of The Chinees Virus.

### It's a great time to Look Young !!..oh I mean Be Old !!!

The coronavirus crisis shows we need an entirely new economic system

It will be impossible for capitalism to return to normal: we need an economy that has people’s wellbeing and public health as its priority.
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Re:the End of Civilisation as We Know It. 1 Week, 6 Days ago  
If the Gov doesn't sort out the f***** supermarkets soon and get a reasonable spread of goods back on the shelves soon I am tempted to agree with you Hedda (,a little bit anyway...).

The consequences for society will be dire when hard working, intelligent and successful people like me starve to death because the unwshed and under employed massess take all the food when I am too busy to get to the shops...

I was intending to make a signature rissoto dish this evening and Sainsburys was all out of rissoto rice...

I expect someone is trying to boil risotto rice in water as I type...
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Re:the End of Civilisation as We Know It. 1 Week, 6 Days ago  
Barley works just fine if you have got some in, Wyot. (Spectacularly missing the point of the thread )
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Re:the End of Civilisation as We Know It. 1 Week, 6 Days ago  
Oh yes good point honey and it makes a lovely risotto...perhaps I will try barley next week as may not be rubbing off the shelves...
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Re:the End of Civilisation as We Know It. 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
Hedda I did not realise about the tax cut for the rich in the US. Not surprised as Trump has always been for Trump. And forget Reagan, Thatcher and those Chicago economists - "The trickle down effect" Well as far as I am aware it is those further down the chain who spend everything because they have little choice. So better distribution of the money supply is now been considered. Always needed to be seen as the sensible and morale option.

Even Germany's hyperinflation between the wars directed their distribution to the richer people all trying to buy that one pair of shoes thus the inflation. I don't really know the details but recorded history like many things does not really analyse and ask questions.

I consider that whatis needed in many situations is not a replacement of the various systems but rather tinkering with the well being of people and the planet in mind so good objectives are defined thus tinkering/ adjusting I consider will result in getting it right.

Money as I have said can be created any time and debt cancelled. The key is control and distribution.

Capitalism vs Socalism is the wrong approach. It is the application of principles from both sides that need to be considered.

The danger of the pendulum swing approach can be seen by Keir Starmer approach to a very valid injustice of women not been heard and taken seriously re sexual abuse in some, many, all cases - no idea. But for some unexplicable reason Keir Starmer who must be capable, highly educated did not approach the problem rationally, he swung to the "must be believed" emotional approach.

So thus I consider many approaches are not entirely wrong or right and need aspects adjusting that can then transform a system from something that is totally unjust to something that works well for all indeed. An example from salt which is needed for humans is made up of two poisonous substances. Chlorine and sodium. So too much or too lttle can affect the health. Those who notice there is too much salt in many products then campaign that salt is bad for your health rather than too much sall is bad for you as is too little.

KS should of done the obvious, so obvious in addressing a real problem. "that no one should be believed". Lying is too common for that. But all including the women should be taken seriously and complains should be investigated for evidence to the truth where possible and to lying where evidence can confirm such from both sides, all taken seriously. All this is so basic I to this day find it so had "to accept" that basic principles were ignored. that are still ignored!!!!

I consider the,same for government systems that all aspects should be reviewed and the best approaches found no matter what sides of the fence they come from. None of this if they are for it we are against it nonsense
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