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TOPIC: This makes great sense...
This makes great sense... 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
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Dr Strangelove

Re:This makes great sense... 1 Week, 4 Days ago  
No it doesn't!: Sikora has been debunked -

... and he is a cynical believer in alternative (cranky) 'medicine'; has misrepresented himself as an honorary professor at Imperial College, London; and thinks the NHS is the last bastion of communism. What a dude!
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Re:This makes great sense... 1 Week, 4 Days ago  
Well it makes great sense to me. I think the whole CoronaVirus panic has been created by media (stronger every day, thanks to the Internet) and over reaction has caused incredible problems. God knows how we shall cope as a species when a really serious virus hits - which it will, I suspect, within a few years. Killing as many as Ebola but as infectious as the common cold. I suspect it will cause blood, artery and vein problems and will virtually wipe out humanity. Not necessarily a bad thing.
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Re:This makes great sense... 1 Week, 4 Days ago  
The Canary piece actually supports the view of privatisation without intending to; I think the appalling state of the NHS explains many of the Covid19 deaths; entirely due to Government under funding and bad management. If it had got more ventilators by the start of 2020, half those now dead would still be alive. As in South Korea.
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Dr Ėtienne(s)

Re:This makes great sense... 1 Week, 4 Days ago  
JK2006 wrote:
The Canary piece actually supports the view of privatisation without intending to;
It does no such thing. The final paragraph in the piece reads:

"Any analysis of the NHS which neglects the impact of debt-laden PFI hospitals and chronic underfunding is at best incomplete, and at worst dangerous. It allows politicians and the media to scapegoat patients, staff, and the concept of the NHS itself, rather than take responsibility for a crisis of their own making. The UK has a GDP (amount of wealth we produce each year) of over £2tn a year. The NHS costs us just £116bn. UK citizens pay less money, for better care, than almost any other healthcare system in the world.

Sikora argues we can’t afford to keep the NHS. The truth is, we can’t afford not to."

So Sikora's motives are crystal clear: he wants himself and others of his ilk to make money out of healthcare in the U.K. Fortunately, the majority of British citizens disagree with him, and believe firmly in keeping a publicly funded and operated NHS. We love our NHS.

I'd rather receive healthcare in the U.K than run the risk of having an insurer in the U.S.A. finding an excuse not to pay up. One such scenario can be when 'your' doctor moves to another organisation. The truth is they pay more per capita for healthcare and receive less on average per capita in outcomes. Some people are forced into going bankrupt in the U.S. if they have life threatening illnesses. You can also see people limping around on crutches because they don't have enough insurance to pay for operations. They have a huge unnecessary health insurance sector as well, selling and administering policies, and processing claims; the NHS requires none of that. This country is far too civilised to sacrifice its great NHS to the private sector.

Conclusion: The UK beats the USA by miles on universal healthcare. Nuff said.
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Re:This makes great sense... 1 Week, 3 Days ago  
I too found the interview very balanced with the emphasis on fear. He echo'ed some of own observations. And emphasized fear as the main concern now and in the future. He didn't attack government response. Just some concerns re NHS, obvious concerns at over reactions mainly due to fear than reason.

Maybe he is like Trump who is all over the show and interested in the free market as long it is all his way and to hell with the environment, people's welfare and so on. Yet some days he is spot on, the next he is building a wall.

The comment on Newsnight in 2017, where he described the NHS as "the last bastion of communism". Is it a compliment? And full support or a religious comment? Communsim vs capitalism type view! Because as far as I am aware many communiam states had excellent health care for the entire population. Unlike the capitalist US where I see those on the outside, lack of money wise, will camp out all night to get a small time slot to see a volunteer doctor. That's it for those who cannot afford health care.

The NHS will always need adjusting and improving. As is true for ALL organisations whether state run or pivate. Objective regular reviews by competent people (Where the hell can one find such people I have no idea). Some parts will need overhauling and some just need tweaking. And some will even be spot on.

The NHS is a great achievement. And it would be great to see the legal system and some others reach even the present standard of the NHS. That is really the key issue.
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