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Green Man

LBC 2 Months ago  
What utter crap it is without a Farage, not particularly a huge fan but it was interesting hearing a different point of view. My mates son is still waiting for an apology from James O'Brien for the way you terrorised him for years at school.

Nick Ferrari always seems scared to put his point of view forward. Learn from John Stossel, I wish more people voted Libertarian in both sides of the Atlantic.
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Re:LBC 2 Months ago  
Funny old world isn't it?

I reckon LBC was crap WITH Nigel Farage the boring old neo-Nazi.

I like James O'Brien but every now and then he gives me the pip so i drop him for a few months.

As for Nick Ferrari- he was once young and good looking (1980s) and we had a few drinking sessions together. Now he's turned into a repulsive, vile, old racist scumbag while I've remained youthful looking and gorgeous ! Still we can't all be winners and be in Hot Demand at the local Probus Club.

I got quite a shock when I realised the fat slug was once the good-looking Nick.
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