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TOPIC: What the Dickens?

What the Dickens? 4 Days, 1 Hour ago

Nutters have defaced a Dickens museum calling him racist.

How can somebody be so delicate that they are wounded by what somebody might have thought of their race two hundred years ago?

Why does it matter what anybody "thinks", as long as they do not actively discriminate? So what if people have racist thoughts? Let them! Scribbling on buildings and pulling down statues wont change anybody's mind.
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Re:What the Dickens? 4 Days ago  
Talking of Dickens (my favourite writer) rewatched Oliver Twist yesterday - Alec Guinness's nose is extraordinary - far more anti semitic than Jeremy Corbyn or Rebecca LB ever were! Wonderful David Lean movie featuring the very first parts for a young Anthony Newley before his balls dropped and young Diana Dors (whose dropped as she was born! A great lady).
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Green Man

Re:What the Dickens? 3 Days, 23 Hours ago  
I consider Dickens as social reformer for the working class.
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Re:What the Dickens? 3 Days, 21 Hours ago  
So childish. And they want to be taken seriously. I wonder how much Dickens they've read or happily watched on TV! If you rounded up a few generations of these people's ancestors and got them in a room together to discuss race, I bet there'd be some uncomfortable moments for the people doing the daubing.
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Green Man

Re:What the Dickens? 3 Days, 19 Hours ago  
Not a huge fan of P.J.W but he has brought up some very good points. I rather listen to Paul Joseph Watson than to Steven Crowder.
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Re:What the Dickens? 2 Days ago  
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Re:What the Dickens? 1 Day, 19 Hours ago  
I like Miriam Margoyles’ balanced appraisal of Dickens:

“But when I read him and most especially when I perform him, I cannot but be delighted, enriched and continually surprised. His humanity transcends his cruelty; the prejudice, the sense of grievance of which he is occasionally guilty seem to fade and, at the end, I am left with the truimph of his imagination and I am happy to settle for that.”
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Re:What the Dickens? 1 Day, 18 Hours ago  
Dickens was racist and also a writer of genius. The museum is there because of his genius, not the racism. Racism is now considered so totally beyond the civilized pale, that the museum is now considered in itself offensive by some.

I don't consider it at all offensive because I am a grown up who can think for myself, and separate the views Dickens held at the time from the genius.

I can celebrate and continue to enjoy the genius without having to be able to consider who I am celebrating flawless; as if a child believing their parents infallible.

These people need to grow up.
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