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TOPIC: When I die
When I die 2 Weeks ago  
I see Ricky Gervais wants his body to be eaten by lions. I've always said not only do I want my body to be eaten by tigers (Tiger comment; ugh no thanks) but also I'd like to come back as a tiger as I think they are the most beautiful creatures on our planet.
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Green Man

Re:When I die 2 Weeks ago  
I wouldn't mind being eaten by grizzlies when I die. I can watch them for hours, in wilderness. I do hope to go to Wyoming again, maybe next year or at least do another USA nationwide tour.
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Re:When I die 2 Weeks ago  
It'd be interesting to return as Sammy Davis Junior - who I saw performing in Las Vegas, on several occasions.

This Jewish blackman from Harlem didn't believe in paying taxes - had only one eye - and rose above the racism he endured.

Don't know too much about reincarnation - or whether you need to be eaten, for the process to commence. My dog - Lycia - says she was Joan of Arc.

Lycra is the only dog in my neighbourhood to bark with a french accent - and is, as a result, frequently set upon and racially abused for being different.

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Re:When I die 2 Weeks ago  
I have always like Woody Allen's line that he would like to be reincarnated as Warren Beatty's fingertips...
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