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TOPIC: The Flu jab
Green Man

Re:The Flu jab 2 Weeks, 3 Days ago  
wyot wrote:
Green Man wrote:
JK2006 wrote:
The virus is trivial for 95% or more of those catching it. The effects of governments trying to deal with it are NOT trivial and are often lethal. End of discussion, please.

Obesity will fuck you up.

Yep Green Man it does seem to be massively linked.

This story is heart-breaking for the family but human beings can't continue to grow morbidly obese and not expect health implications. These children at 22 had a range of chronic conditions before getting what would probably have passed as "the flu" if they had been a healthy weight and not already a long way to rushing to the grave anyway...

Maybe a positive from this virus is people will take more responsibility for their own health and stop expecting Governments to protect them from every indulgence.

If you saw any other creature on this planet as grotesquely overweight (I know I know I'm not allowed to point this out...) as these poor young people, you could only conclude that mankind had interfered in order to farm them...

As a species: wake up!

My partner was in the police force. She was strict with fitness and eating habits. However some of the male counterparts were in awful shape. When I see police in South Africa they are chubbier then some American police departments.

Remember human beings were not designed to eat crap food.

Anyone can squeeze two 15 minute workout a day. You don't have to Hit It Hard, don't be unrealistic with body. Joe Wicks works hard daily and eats right - he probably has the perfect genes which not many people do sadly.

I know I will never be Mr Universe but I'm realstic with my work out. Doing something is better than nothing.
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Re:The Flu jab 2 Weeks, 3 Days ago  
hedda wrote:
wyot wrote:
hedda wrote:
Covid is a trivial virus? An "I'm Alright Jack comment

Not so trivial when it could well destroy the UK economy and put the entire world into Recession.

This will be as a result of the catastrophic and ill-judged response to the virus Hedda.

Not the virus itself.

the catastrophic responses have come from Boris & Donald.

Basically no response at all and denial.

Prove however those responses caused the deaths.

I never said the responses caused the deaths Hedda so have nothing to prove to you thanks.

In response to you stating that a virus will crash the world economy I stated that it is not the virus that crashed the economy and will be responsible for the misery to come, but our response to the virus; i.e full catastrophic lockdown done too late and for too long.

Surely this is neither complex or controversial.

You may disagree with my thoughts, but I hope we are all agreed a virus is unable to legislate?

This is posted merely to clarify my misrepresented position; not to try and continue the substance of this thread.
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