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Coronavirus: warning "not to be blasé"
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TOPIC: Coronavirus: warning "not to be blasé"

Coronavirus: warning "not to be blasé" 2 Weeks ago  
Coronavirus: Vietnam coma pilot warns people 'not to be blasé'

A Scottish pilot, who spent more than two months on a ventilator in Vietnam, has warned Britons "not to be blasé about coronavirus" as lockdown eases.

Stephen Cameron, 42, from Motherwell, was Vietnam's sickest patient and became known nationwide as Patient 91.

"I'm a living example of what this virus can do and how it is serious," he told the BBC from his Wishaw hospital bed.

It's probably the least of his worries, but judging from an old photograph, coronavirus has left him with protruding eyes.
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Re:Coronavirus: warning "not to be blasé" 2 Weeks ago  
That is a good story Jo; love that a nation determined not to have a single Covid death followed his every move.

In this spirit, below is a heart-warming tale about a cat that survived Covid; though like the majority of people it suffered not much more than a cough.

It also demonstrates the panic-thinking Covid seems to induce in so many.

The experts warn not to kiss your pet anymore while at the same time stating: "There was no evidence that the animals could transmit the disease to humans."

So why stop snogging cats?

It also warns not to "share food" with your cat, I didn't even realise some people eat "Whiskers"?

But a lot of food banks have closed I supppose....
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Green Man

Re:Coronavirus: warning "not to be blasé" 2 Weeks ago  
I doubt his covid caused his eyes to bulge but I would say medication and trauma has though.

Sorry Wyot, I don't read Guardian not since they made a slanderous against a business partner of mine. Whom he did sue against the paper but finally settled out of court, it was a fortune.

The Owen Jones assault seems iffy, if he did spill a drink by bumping into something. Gentleman thing to do is apologize first and buy a drink, even if they say "no". I have worked in too many bars and clubs so I know, most thing's can be resolved just admitting you're wrong when you are. I love to the CCTV footage in which all pubs do have.

I wouldn't be surprised if Owen Jones got mouthy and threw a tantrum, seems to be his hobby; especially when he loses a debate. He seems to piss people and he is also bigoted against other people opinions and views. Only him and his views are right in his own mind.

Not forgetting everything is far right, racist and anti LGBT.

I don't know what being a Chelsea fan got to do with anything. Oh wait Owen thinks all fans are racists and thug's.
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