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TOPIC: rotten police

rotten police 2 Months, 1 Week ago  
put aside what you think about Dawn Butler or Dianne Abbott (I like them) but look at this ex-cop's twitter timeline..absolutely riddled with aggressive racism (his followers threaten violence against black MPs).

He didn't get like that overnight and now he gets interviewed on right wing media as though he's some sort of expert when clearly, he's been a aggressive racist during his 30 years in The Met.

His claim that the car Butler was in had black rear windows so police couldn't tell what colour she is so she should apologise is even weirder.

How the fuck would rear black windows hide her colour when the cops waved her down from the front.? ?

So he's thick as well which is even more disturbing.

And sick of the old "95% of police are honest" etc etc..the force is ri9ddled with thickos and corrupt lying bent souls which is why so many innocents end up in jail.

No names of course although MARY comes to mind.

that blue monicker is suspect..seems a lot of real rabid right wingers have it in their profiles.

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