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TOPIC: For Wyot.

For Wyot. 2 Months ago  
I have a feeling he will enjoy this Mumsnet thread as much as I did.

It is not the severity of the virus or not, that bothers me.
I don't much care. Either lock down totally or don't bother at all. Whatever.

It is the stoooooooooopid pretending and utter glee in ordering people around that is driving me bonkers.
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Re:For Wyot. 2 Months ago  
I did enjoy this Honey thank you. And do read the article in the "brainwashed" post I put up.

It is cathartic to those like us who are having to check our sanity in this strange new world down the rabbit hole...

If you enjoy reading novels Catch 22 may help; I am considering a re-read!😁
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Green Man

Re:For Wyot. 2 Months ago  
Just shows the government, experts, media have been making it up as they go along.

If I had a poor immune system last thing I would want is a virus even a common cold.

Once the eat out to help out scheme ends, people won't be going to restaurants has much.

Labour party just throw their 2 cents in but offer no solutions. Masks should not be mandatory and people need to stop being so fucking paranoid.
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