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TOPIC: Admiration for Trump
Admiration for Trump 2 Weeks, 5 Days ago  
The man is quite entitled to use all legal methods to get as many votes as possible. He's a fighter. Good for him. I still disagree with most of his policies but still support his battle with the media which does not like to be beaten (which it was in nearly every fight he fought and I'm with him on this latest skirmish). Presidents (and Prime Ministers) should not be dominated by media and should be strong enough to fight for what they believe (and their country) even if they are wrong (i.e. Maggie on Poll Tax).
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Re:Admiration for Trump 2 Weeks, 4 Days ago  
JK's romanticized view of Trump is odd.

Trump dominated the media with his antics even before he was elected. Every wacky thing Trump said or did was reported faithfully.

To admire the media because one thinks Trump somehow put one over them is a fantasy. Trump was the media's darling even if they hated him.

They jumped to his every claim and reported it faithfully. Far from being someone who challenged the media, Trump simply used them as he always has, and likewise- the media used him. I'll give him this: he is the P.T Barnum of Politics who surfed along on a well established path of US publications where no press release is too outrageous or bizarre.

And just like P.T.Barnum, in private Trump is a nasty piece of goods where nothing is too outrageous or vile as long as it serves his narcissism.

Barnum sold lies as truth and Trump does it likewise. The only thing Trump has really done is show that the Internet is a bloody scary thing where any untruth can be parlayed into reality.

We don't know if Barnum was a sociopath narcissist but Trump surely is. To admire that is pretty scary (or just an act of a contrarian) unless you see something admirable in that..and psychopaths can be undoubtedly charming despite the wreckage and destroyed lives they leave in their wake.

Barnum recognized early on that the American people thrived on media sensationalism so no lie was too outrageous and Trump has done likewise via Fox News which has acted like his person media outlet fawning over every ludicrous thing he said.

But there were dozens of "Trumps" before Donald who likewise harnessed the media to their advantage. People think Trump was some absolute miracle worker of media manipulation but that's because he has dominated our lives for 5 years.

Before that he was a New York hustler (and literally hated everywhere but too thick skinned to care). The timing was right for him and the Repubs..but they took a really big risk and will pay a price for it.

The extraordinary thing is the Republican Party fell for Trump and endorsed him. I guarantee it will end in tears- that's if they survive as a party.

# my personal experience was in an LA job as a publicist when I was scolded by the boss for trying to set a journalist straight about some innocuous tale about a sleb.. " this is fucking America" he said "no lie is too big and no-one gives a stuff as long the media runs something, any fucking thing about our client".

Unfortunately for Trump Rupert Murdoch (who calls the shots in the USA, Australia & the UK) has decided to dispense with Trump. Rupert knows when to turn On Sixpence and change horses in mid-stream and dispense with A Loser.

## (did I mention he owes me $3000 ?)

In a way I feel sorry for Trump. Losing at this stage of his life is like the ultimate blow. There is nothing to come for 3 weeks he will be yesterday's man, a no-body, a loser with nothing to contribute. The media will be concentrating on Joe Biden and Kamal Harris. This will be absolute torture for Trump.

Other ex-US presidents at least attempt to forge a career in public service. Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama - all left the WH at relatively young ages as did George Bush Jnr but who in the Hell remembers him?

I repeat: Donald Trump was for a time but not for all time.
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Re:Admiration for Trump 2 Weeks, 3 Days ago  
A very interesting piece - thank you.
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