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TOPIC: Violence in UK

Violence in UK 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
The daily norm now in Northern Ireland where 50 police officers have been injured recently during protests about Brexit - with mainly young people involved.

Even though NI is the UK, goods - including meat and eggs - have to be checked on arrival there, from other parts of the UK and the EU.

Delays are a consequence - these were not supposed to be part of Brexit, and are exacerbated by red tape because of NI's membership of the EU Single Market.

Bottlenecks exist at NI ports, and there seems little likelihood of an early resolution. Partly because covid has knocked this local issue off the news agenda.
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Re:Violence in UK 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
Brexit though isn't the only reason for the violence, largely perpetrated by youths - some as young as 12, communicating by smartphone.

Since the Peace Agreement in 2016, which brought calm to Northern Ireland - the old paramilitary groups have turned to crime and racketeering.

Extortion, protection and drugs are now the main activities of former political extremists - who egg on their young clients to create a better market for smack etc.

On top of all that. Around 24 republican politicians recently attended the funeral in NI of a former IRA Commander. That didn't go down well - and over 2,000 people were there.

Covid regulations were totally ignored at the funeral by the Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister (and her associates) who thought they were inapplicable on such an occasion!

The last straw was a decision not to prosecute those concerned - who were filmed by police, at the funeral. Difficult times lay ahead - again.
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