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Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram - all gone down
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TOPIC: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram - all gone down
Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram - all gone down 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
for hours and hours. Cyber terrorists?
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Re:Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram - all gone down 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
When we started this site 25 years ago, one reason was so as not to depend on other internet sites. Sadly we did base our forums with StarBlvds - there weren't many such services around - so when they went down we lost all our threads and posts from the 90s. But we anticipated the problems of censorship or cyber terrorism. We still get around 10,000 views a day for each thread. Independent and still here.
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Green Man

Re:Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram - all gone down 1 Week, 4 Days ago  
I only know those sites were down when I heard about it on here.

Some people can do with a digital detox.

When I see people on Facebook on their phones it's normally those aged 40-70. I don't see people use Twitter when I am out and about.

I have noticed since lockdown my shopping habits have changed I am using the high streets more and more. Parking fees are not that expensive compared to bus fares. I have haven't been caught out with the fuel chaos either.

If you want more HGV drivers pay them properly, give them proper facilities like they have in USA. It's a job that anyone can do and you will need a passion for the job. There's a lifestyle element to it also, It's not like in the films like Convoy or White Line Fever !

If the salaery for driving a lorry is about £28k before tax, then it's not much different to a supermarket manager salary.
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