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TOPIC: Parole Board

Parole Board 3 Weeks ago  
Rabb's interference in the Parole Board decision to release Baby P's mother highlights everything that is wrong with the un healthy politics-media duopoly and our Criminal Justice System.

The role of the parole board is to assess the risk she poses going forward, not to judge the severity of her crime or the level of retribution she should be made subject to - this is done at point of sentence.

I would have thought she posed very little risk to anyone. The authorities would not allow her to look after a child. So who exactly does she pose a risk to?

Well done parole board for standing up to naked political interference born through fear of tabloid headlines.

The dim, of course, will see this post as somehow excusing her for her vile and inhumane actions. There is a debate to be had, of course, about the length of sentence she received. Or whether she should have just been shot post sentence.

But this is a different question to whether she is safe to release now. Which is all the Parole Board exists to review.

Personally, I find it vile that Rabb seeks to further his career off the back of the horrendous murder of that poor little toddler. Shame on him.

But millions seem to find it easier and more satisfying to scream about how vile what she did is.

OF COURSE it fucking was!! And what is your POINT beyond this?
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