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TOPIC: Calling All Stations
Green Man

Calling All Stations 2 Weeks, 6 Days ago  
I had a nice chat in the pub with group of old men. Who obviously liked their music.

They asked me who I like I gave them a run down but said "Genesis are my favourite of all time" Then I heard usual snobbery replies I usually get from people.

For example "they were better when they had Hackett and Gabriel" or "they are just pop band or another one is "they were good to a point".

I was asked what is worst Genesis album just for giggles and insight. I truthfully responded with "There is no such thing". Then another gentleman said "Calling All Stations, was crap and so was the first."

I politely disagreed with him. I mentioned that I played Calling All Stations on a loop not too long ago.

I also said The first album is great it's their start and not forgetting they were still only kids. (You probably had tough job to JK on marketing when you signed them up; not forgetting budget costs.)

CAS is a very strong album. Ray Wilson had big shoes to fill like Phil Collins did when Peter Gabriel left.

In my opinion there's no such thing as a weak Genesis album or song.
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Green Man

Re:Calling All Stations 2 Weeks ago  
Ray Wilson needed to be on a second Genesis album, there was one in the pipeline but it was scrapped.

If Ray, were to do a Calling All Stations tour of course I would go. One Man's Fool is the best song on the album and great way to end an excellent album.

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