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Wagatha, Dylan and False Accusers
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TOPIC: Wagatha, Dylan and False Accusers
Wagatha, Dylan and False Accusers 2 Weeks, 5 Days ago  
As we see Vardy lose her stupid case (millions wasted) and the stupid Bob Dylan false accuser drop her stupid false allegations, I'm reminded of my own recent "debacle". One of my False Accusers left a long message on this very site years before, which I'm sure he's now deleted from his phone (as Dylan's false accuser did) but of course I kept a copy, plus all the details, URL etc - and tracked down where it had come from (we never put it up). He and his wife sent each other texts via Instagram or Twitter or wherever about ensuring dates fitted the false claims, which police rejected and hid in Unused Material; quite rightly as they did not assist the prosecution case at all. But when I showed all this to my lawyers their jaws dropped. "This is incredible", they said. "How on earth did you find it?". It's why I keep telling people they must examine every single letter of every word in every document. It was certain proof of a deliberate attempt to pervert the course of Justice (the crime Carl Beech got 18 years for). You can always find proof of lies if you're diligent enough.

The question you may ask is why haven't I insisted on this greedy couple being prosecuted. Why bother? It's not as though they'll try to do it again to someone else. That's why I don't think Vardy should be prosecuted, although surely there is enough evidence that emerged for that to happen. She's been silly rather than wicked, I think the truly wicked were the lawyers who nudged her to continue; to try to get a settlement. As Dylan's lawyer has said. I really think the time has come for bent lawyers to be prosecuted for attempting to assist or encourage a crime.

The collapse of time wasting court sessions and expensive police inquiries would see literally millions saved and the False Allegations Industry damaged, if not stopped.
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Green Man

Re:Wagatha, Dylan and False Accusers 2 Weeks, 5 Days ago  
Like I said Yewtree was a farce.

Stuart Hall would of been find out sooner or later.

Jim Davidson will always be an arrogant P****.
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